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Rawardsed Mat Publishing brings a fresh voice, distinctive ideas, innovative concepts and positive messaging to customized print, digital, audio, mobile and visual communications.

From award-winning print publications to cutting-edge Internet destinations, digital productions and mobile applications, we deliver a portfolio of custom communication tools that are tailored for audience engagement.

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  • "A custom publication represents a community of interest, pre-selected and pre-qualified — the opportunity to reach people in an environment with a very specific set of attributes."
  • "Fifty-seven percent (57%) of consumers actually purchased products or services that were highlighted in a custom publication."
  • "Custom publications provide intrinsically valuable information that moves the perceptions and behavior of the audience in a desired direction."
  • "Thirty-three percent (33%) of consumers are more likely to buy products or use services of the company highlighted in the custom publication after reading the publication."

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A Distinctive Voice in Custom Publishing


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